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Reports > 2014 > September > Monday 29
Monday, September 29, 2014
By Dave Graybill
My brother Rick Graybill and cousin Greg Preston just back after spending a couple of days on the water below Priest Rapids Dam. Rick was a guide on this stretch of the Columbia for many years, and I was anxious to learn how these two did fishing for fall salmon down there. Well, no surprise really, they had great fishing. They got limits or near to it every day and their biggest fish was just over 22 pounds. Rick said that there were some very bright fish mixed in their catch, and he said that he inspected the carcasses at the launch area and said that the flesh of the fish was very pink. Always one to take everything with him and willing to change tactics, he said that they caught fish jet diving eggs and bait wrapped Flatfish. They also got fish on herring and Super Baits. The only method that didn’t really produce was drifting eggs. There was no particular spot on the river that was really better than another. He encouraged anglers to give this fishing on the Reach a try. There is plenty of fish out there and they are willing to bite!