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Reports > 2014 > September > Wednesday 24
Wednesday, September 24, 2014
By Dave Graybill
It is definitely time to head to the Hanford Reach to do some fishing for fall salmon. There are over seven hundred thousand fish already over Bonneville Dam and they are still coming. Close to forty thousand of them have moved past Priest Rapids Dam. You know that the river below Priest and all the way down to White Bluffs has plenty of these upriver Brights stacked in the holes. Last year the egg bite was hot. It was good from the start to the finish. I need eggs. I don’t have enough left over from last season to give me a decent start, so I am going to hit Wells Dam. I have had very good success catching late summer-runs back trolling below Wells, and not only is it a lot of fun I get some fish for the smoker and usually enough eggs to cure to get me going below Priest. I will run bait-wrapped Mag Lip Flatfish behind divers and even straight-line these plugs. I have caught some huge kings in this stretch of the river in the fall. If you need eggs for fall fishing Wells Dam is a good place to find aggressive fish that will both fill you day with fishing fun and fill your smoker and freezer with eggs.