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Reports > 2017 > November > Monday 27
Monday, November 27, 2017
By Dave Graybill
There is some great trout fishing going on right now at Sprague Lake. I tried this lake, which is east of Ritzville, last fall with my fishing buddy Rollie Schmitten and fellow WDFW Commissioner Kim Thorburn. We caught a bunch of 17-inch rainbow and thought that this was pretty special. My brother Rick Graybill fished Sprague early last week, and he sent me photos to show me that the rainbow are even bigger this year. The smallest was just over 18 inches and one of rainbow in the photo was just over 22 inches. The said they fought like steelhead. When I fished the lake last fall we had our best luck pulling plugs that dove to about 12 feet. Rick said they got most of their fish on floating Rapalas, which dive to a much more shallow depth. Probably has to do with water temperature. We both found that the area of the lake below the launch, toward the town of Sprague is good spot to troll, and that the lake has a very flat bottom at about 17 feet. If you want to give this a try I would go pretty soon. Sprague is shallow so it freezes pretty early each winter. It would terrific right after ice-off in the spring, too.