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Reports > 2017 > October > Monday 09
Monday, October 9, 2017
By Dave Graybill
I was able to jump on Austin Moser’s boat last Friday, just to see how the fishing was at Vernita. It was tough. Austin had boated three nice kings the day before, and I am not saying we didn’t have our chances. We had at least six good strikes, with the rods buried in the water, but we just couldn’t get a hook up. We started the day at the lower end of the King Hole, and just as we went under the Vernita Bridge we did hook up. It turned out to be a big sturgeon that jumped clear out of the water. That was the highlight of the day. I saw other guides run down below us, then a little later run past us going up the river. They were all looking for fish. I talked to some enforcement officers as I was leaving for home, and they said they didn’t see more than a fish or two on any of the boats that actually had fish. I had a great time, though. There was a couple from Idaho on the boat and two guys from Wenatchee. We told fishing stories from past trips to Vernita and other places we have visited. It was a beautiful day and with good company it was a wonderful day of fishing, not catching, which we all had experienced before.