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Reports > 2019 > March > Friday 15
Friday, March 15, 2019
By Dave Graybill
It sure is great to get a call from someone that is so excited about fishing that they have a hard time telling me what happened. I got a call like this from Austin Moser on Monday. He was fishing on the Nespelem Bar on Rufus Woods again, and he lost a huge triploid. He said it was so big he couldn’t get it in his net. He put his net under it and tried to get it to fold into it, but it just would do it and it got away. He figured it had to be at least 20 pounds! He is putting one of his salmon nets in the boat for the next time he fishes up there. You will probably hear this story if you come to the free seminar he’s doing at Bob Feil Boats and Motors on Thursday, March 28th. I am sure he will be talking about how he is catching the walleye and triploids on Rufus Woods, and other tips and tricks for fishing other reservoirs, like Banks Lake, this spring. You may want to bring a good sized net to the Trout Derby on Burke Lake on March 23rd, if the ice clears off. The Quincy Valley Chamber of Commerce always puts some really big trout in the lake for the derby. Get all the details about the derby by clicking on the “Something Fishy” logo on the Home Page of my web site at