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Friday, March 1, 2024
By Dave Graybill
It’s a great day. A whole bunch of lakes open to fishing for the season, and this always brings out a good crowd of anglers that have been couped up through the winter. One of the busiest places in Central Washington is the Quincy Wildlife Area. The banks will be lined with shore anglers and there will be all kinds of boats and floating devices out on the water. There is a new boat launch on Burke Lake for boaters to take advantage of. One thing that I have noticed over the many years that I have visited these lakes, is that those who are fishing with bait from the shore or from a boat could have better success if they used a sliding sinker rig and floating bait. This method will put a bait in sight of a cruising trout, above the weeds, and you can see a bite before the trout feels the weight and spits it out. Just slid an egg sinker on your line and then tie on a barrel swivel. I put a rubber bead below the sinker, too. I tie about three or four feet of leader to the hook. When I add Power Bait or a nightcrawler and marshmallow a marshmallow and shrimp combo, I make sure it floats before casting out. Try this method, and good luck!