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Reports > 2024 > March > Friday 08
Friday, March 8, 2024
By Dave Graybill
Like so many other anglers my freezer is really getting empty this time of year. I am down to one package of walleye and some kokanee. My fishing friend James Lebow wanted to get some triploids to have enough for a smoker load, so we traveled to the middle net pens on Rufus Woods last Wednesday. Ryan Harris joined us to fish from the bank here. I took my bobber and jig rod and cast a jig while my buddies fished Power Bait on the bottom. Ryan hooked and landed a fish and when he showed us what he was using we were shocked. It is called Power Bait Mice Tail, and actually had a bright orange tail on it. What the heck? James put one on and immediately landed a fish, and Ryan got another. To keep up with them I dug into my steelhead box and found a pink worm. I put that on and got a fish. Before I had it on the stringer I got a fish on my second rod. We got off to what we thought was a slow start, but we had our six fish limits in a little over an hour. The fish were all about the same size of a pound and a half to 2 pounds. I vacuum packed three fillets for the smoker and saved one for dinner. These triploids are the best!