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Reports > 2024 > March > Friday 22
Friday, March 22, 2024
By Dave Graybill
On a previous trip to Rufus Woods a couple of anglers stopped by to say hi, when I was fishing with my friends at the middle net pens. They said they were fishing at the “Greenhouse”. They had caught their limits of fish like the ones we were getting, but one of the anglers next to them got a 22-pounder, fishing a jig. I wondered where they were talking about and on the way out we passed the sign for the Colville Tribal Greenhouse. The next time I was in the area I turned in to investigate. Driving past the greenhouse facility the dirt road led down to the river and there were several spots where there were steep trails to the shore. There were even picnic tables at a couple of them. You do need a tribal license and access pass to fish here. I gave this spot a try earlier this week. I didn’t catch anything but ran into the angler that had caught that whopper trout. He showed me his setup, which was what we used to use when we had steelhead up here. A good ol’ slip bobber and black jig.