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Reports > 2024 > March > Tuesday 19
Tuesday, March 19, 2024
By Dave Graybill
I have mentioned that when I have been fishing from the shore at Keller Ferry that the water level on Lake Roosevelt has been higher than usual. When I was there in November there was a lot shoreline exposed, but now it’s about as full as I have ever seen it. Fishing from the shore for trout has been very good, but I haven’t heard much about the kokanee. Anglers like to see the water being dropped as it draws the daphnia that the kokanee feed on downstream. Fishing from Keller down to the dam can be very good. Lake Roosevelt is famous for producing “giant” kokanee. Fish that measure over 20 inches are common, and I have seen fish that were 25 inches, weighing over 5 pounds. Since the water hasn’t dropped, I don’t think many anglers are out after the kokanee. Well, I just got a photo from a local angler that was trolling out of Spring Canyon, and he had caught two dandies recently. Looking at the photo the fish appear to be about 20 inches long. I would say that there is still a good chance of getting some these giants after all.