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Reports > 2017 > July > Friday 21
Friday, July 21, 2017
By Dave Graybill
Walleye fishing continues to be very good at Banks Lake, but not easy. My brother Rick Graybill and I were joined by our old friend Steve Goodfellow for a trip to Banks on Tuesday. We thought it would be easy to get limits of walleye by trolling crank baits like did last time. It wasn’t. We got four really nice fish right away, but then it just died on us. We tried our luck on Barker Flats, but the walleye just weren’t interested. Always prepared, we switched to trolling bottom walkers and Slow Death Hook rigs. We ran to the south side of Barker, where we saw some other boats, and when we hit the 17-foot depth ran out our baits. We landed right on top of them and had a double immediately. The bite continued to be hot for about an hour, and then the fish disappeared. We only needed three more, so we ran toward Steamboat Rock and Rick managed to find the big hump out there. We finally got our last three fish, making a total of 24, and called it a day at 2 p.m. We had to work for them a bit, but overall I would say that the walleye fishing on Banks Lake is still pretty darn good.