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Reports > 2017 > July > Thursday 20
Thursday, July 20, 2017
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. All it takes is a little lack of information to do some expensive damage to your boat. Such was the case for me during my vacation. I had stayed at the Thousand Trails in LaConner before but had never launched from their boat launch. I was planning to launch there and run across the north end of Skagit Bay towards Deception Pass to go crabbing. I waded into the area passed the end of the launch ramp to feel around for any obstructions or rocks. Not finding any, I launched mid-tide, crabbed for a couple hours and was back by high water. The next morning, I was trying to catch the last of the ebb tide and get back in time with water at the launch. Unfortunately, I mis-timed my exit and found myself grinding my way onto my boat trailer. Sure enough, I dinged my prop up pretty good in the process. I wasn't too upset because I knew I had an extra prop at home. Upon my return I put it on and was good to go. But now I have a crack in my fender on the trailer. Until next time, Good Fishing!