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Reports > 2017 > July > Wednesday 12
Wednesday, July 12, 2017
By Dave Graybill
It is always fun to take kids fishing. I had a chance to do just that on Monday, when my wife and I took our neighbors, the Swabota family, to Lake Chelan to fish for kokanee. It happened that their cousins were in town for a visit and were able to come along. We picked them up at the dock at Lakeside Park and I ran shifts out to the fishing grounds so they all could get a chance to catch some fish. They all did. A couple of the youngsters needed an assist, and I put the rod over my forearm while they cranked away. Then I would lift the rod high enough to slip the net under the fish. Every fish caught was a photo op with my wife and the parents of the kids. I was pretty busy in the back of the boat baiting rods and netting fish. We caught a total of 15 kokanee and three cutthroat and had a blast. The kokanee are still here in very good numbers, and if you want to have a ton of fun, load the boat with a bunch of young anglers and get after them. It is a guaranteed good time.