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Reports > 2017 > July > Monday 17
Monday, July 17, 2017
By Dave Graybill
Summer-run salmon fishing in the Brewster Pool is getting better by the day. Fresh fish are arriving daily and improved numbers of hatchery fish in the catches is making fishing here even more attractive. I talked to Jerrod Gibbons recently, and he would estimate the ratio of hatchery to wild to 35 to 40 percent hatchery, which is certainly better than previous seasons. The better ratio of hatchery fish is being attributed to this year’s return to the Colville Tribal Hatchery in Bridgeport. This is the first four-year cycle of summer-runs released from their hatchery, which is producing close to 3 million spring and summer salmon. Gibbons was quick to point out that there is still confusion about the purpose of the presence of the “Dreamcatcher”, which is the tribal purse seiner, operating near the mouth of the Okanogan River. People don’t know that they are capturing brood stock for the hatchery, and this is a major contributor to improved hatchery numbers this year, and will mean even better fishing for summer and spring salmon in the future. Visit my web site at and click on the Colville logo to learn about this.