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Reports > 2017 > July > Monday 24
Thursday, July 24, 2014
By Dave Graybill
Last Saturday my fishing partners were Kim Kozelsky and Keith Hiatt, of Leavenworth. We had fished Banks Lake a while back, and I wanted to get them out on Lake Chelan while the kokanee were still biting. We put in at the city launch below the bridge near the high school and ran up to Chelan Shores. I have been getting a lot of fish here, and we started off getting some, but to my surprise they were all cutthroat. After catching five or six I decided to run over to the Blue Roofs to see if I could change our catch to the species we were after—kokanee. Sure enough, they were there and our luck turned for the better. We were not only getting kokanee but finally at a good pace. We had a lot of hits and lost fish but landed a double and had a blast. We were away from most of the boat and jet ski traffic over here, too. I saw fish on the finder down to 120 feet in 150 feet of water, but they still hit our Kokabow blades and spinners on two-and three-ounce cannon balls. I think the kokanee fishing far is from over on Chelan.