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Reports > 2021 > July > Thursday 22
Thursday, July 22, 2021
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. My college career was short. I remember vividly sitting towards the back of my Algebra class with Dr. Bhattacharya. Not only could I not understand him with his thick accent, I couldn't comprehend how completely different college Algebra was from high school! A fog settled in over my brain as I sat staring at the equations, none of it making sense. It was extremely frustrating and I was totally lost. Finally, after weeks of toiling uselessly, I stayed after class and asked for help. He suggested something very strange, "read the book." I thought, "What?! Read a MATH book?!" So I went back to my dorm room and read the book. Suddenly, it started making sense and I passed college Algebra. I find myself in that same brain-fog right now regarding my outboard engine. I took the cowling off and just stared blankly at what looks like a UFO. It's like any engine, right? You need fuel, air and spark. For some reason, I turn the key and nothing happens. It has to be something electrical because the rest is there. Now I'm going to use Dr. Bhattacharya's advice, read the book. Until next time, Good Fishing!