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Reports > 2021 > July > Thursday 29
Thursday, July 29, 2021
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. A week ago, I told you about my boat problems after taking Dad fishing for sockeye below Rocky Reach Dam. I called around asking for help and was told they don't have time or they don't work on Suzuki outboards. Great! My problem seemed to be electrical. The motor started and ran great to get us up to the fishing spot, but when I tried restarting the motor to head back, nothing happened. So I was faced with my fishing season coming to an end or trying to figure it out myself. I got online and did some surfing and it seemed to come back to a possible neutral switch problem. Then, I found the actual repair manual for the DF115 horse power Suzuki and downloaded it. Mind you, I'm not mechanically inclined and I'm petrified to touch anything boat-related for fear I'll make it worse than better. I had to tear into the motor to even FIND the neutral switch. I tested it. It seemed bad so I ordered a new one for $26. I'm happy to report it fixed the problem, the motor's running and my season is salvaged! Until next time, Good Fishing!