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Tuesday, February 2, 2021
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. Seven years ago, Dave asked if I could fill in for him covering the Northwest Ice Fishing Festival in Molson, Washington. I said "sure" even though I'd never been ice fishing in my life. Growing up in Western Washington, I didn't have too many opportunities to find a frozen pond or lake in wintertime. In fact, only one time can I remember that nearby Big Lake froze hard enough that people were driving their cars onto the ice. For the Ice Fishing Festival, I'd need some solid intel, so I visited the gang at Hooked On Toys. First thing I was told is to get a Swedish Pimple. Now I was sure I was being pranked. Yeah right, a "Swedish Pimple." Turns out, the Swedish Pimple is the most-common lure used in ice fishing. It was named by Field and Stream one of the 50-best all-time lures. The name comes from the Swedish word “pimpla,” meaning to jig. The Swedish Pimple was created by two brothers more than 50 years ago based on successful jigging lures in Sweden. So load up with some Swedish Pimples before you head ice fishing. Until next time, Good Fishing!