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Reports > 2021 > February > Wednesday 10
Wednesday, February 10, 2021
By Dave Graybill
I have wanted to check out the walleye fishing on Potholes Reservoir for some time now. When I checked the weather for the coming week, it looked like Tuesday would be the best day to try it. I called my friend James Lebow, who lives in Moses Lake, and he was willing to meet me at the Blythe launch with his boat. He was tempted to call me that morning to say that it was really too cold. The wind was blowing more than forecast, but he knew I was already halfway there from Leavenworth. It looked nasty when I met him, but hey, we were there. By the time we reached the area we wanted to fish we realized how cold it was. I was wearing a heated jacket under a winter coat, and had my heated socks turned on. That didn’t help my hands which I had to use to rig my rods. I got my blade bait tied on before my fingers stopped working completely. We were getting knocked around and not marking any fish, but still lasted an hour and a half. Mostly we talked about where we would fish next. Someplace where we could build a fire.
It was in the twenties when we launched the boat on Potholes on Tuesday. Not counting the wind chill.