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Wednesday, February 17, 2021
By Dave Graybill
It’s not that far off now, the March 1st opening of the lakes in the Quincy Wildlife Area, and a few others in Grant County. This has always been, in my mind at least, the unofficial kickoff of trout fishing. Sure, there are many lakes that are open year-round now, but this event always attracts a big crowd. Most of the folks that come are found lining the shores of Burke and Quincy lakes. The two lakes near George, Martha and Caliche, also attract good numbers of anglers. There are boat launches on Burke and Quincy lakes, but the vast majority of people will be fishing from shore. When I visit these lakes on the open I see all kinds of methods being used. By far the most effective is a sliding sinker rig, tied with an improved clinch knot. This is used in conjunction with Power Bait or a marshmallow and worm or shrimp. It works because the bait floats up off the bottom and when a fish bites the angler can see the bite, as the line slides through an egg sinker, before the fish feels the weight. More trout are caught in lakes over here than with any other method. Period.
Here are the instructions for tying an improved clinch knot. It is the most important knot to learn, and can be used to tie on hooks and attach swivels.