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Reports > 2019 > August > Friday 16
Friday, August 16, 2019
By Dave Graybill
It had been a long time since I had been to Roses Lake. This used to be one of my favorite spots for fishing for largemouth bass. So, Wednesday I took my brother in law Tom to give it a try. We got off to a slow start. I ran through a dozen different lures and plastics trying to see what they wanted. We found a couple of things that worked, but not very consistently. We did get a dozen or so and I decided to see if we could find some crappie. Roses has some in it, if you can find them. We tried a likely looking bank but got nothing but little sunfish. I started cruising around watching my depth finder screen and when I saw a good bunch of fish, hit the Anchor Mode on the Ulterra. Baiting with a piece of nightcrawler we cast our lines close to the boat. We caught about 50 fish over the next couple of hours. Most of them were bluegill of about 9 inches. We also got three perch that were 10 and 11 inches and one crappie that was 11 inches. The nice thing about Roses is that if the trout aren’t biting you can go for bass. If they aren’t cooperating try the bluegill and crappie fishing. You’ll wind up having a fun day.