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Reports > 2024 > April > Monday 22
Monday, April 22, 2024
By Dave Graybill
One of the first places to look for walleye on Potholes Reservoir in the spring is in Lind Coulee. Some walleye move up into this channel for spawning in the spring and then move out into the reservoir. Many fish remain in Lind Coulee and can be caught later in the season. Brian Nielson and Mike Wren invited me to come along on their first walleye trip of the season, and we fished Lind Coulee last Thursday. We launched at the refurbished Sampsons Pit site, and Brian took us up past the bridge on Road M SE, where there is another launch. We made our way up the coulee that wound through brushy islands and narrow rock bluffs. There are places where two boats wouldn’t be able to pass through side by side. You can run all the way up to the outflow of Warden Lake. We were trolling 2 ounce bottom bouncers and Smile Blade spinners, and Mike landed four fish of 15 to 18 inches. I lost one near the boat, and then on our way back down, landed a 25-inch male walleye. Fishing in Lind Coulee is a great experience, very different from fishing the big reservoirs in the region.