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Reports > 2024 > April > Thursday 11
Thursday, April 11, 2024
By Dave Graybill
Can you ever have enough triploids in the freezer for smoking? My buddies and I don’t think so, and we made another trip to the middle net pens on Rufus Woods. James Lebow, Ryan Harris, and Michael Ericson joined me, and we had high hopes. The four of us have limited in a short time here in the past. Not on Wednesday. We gave it up after about three hours with just one fish. On my way back I stopped at Seatons Grove to see if many boats had launched there. I walked down to the boat ramp and saw the tell tale swirl of a fish on the surface, so I grabbed a rod, cast it out and jammed it hard into some rocks. I went to my truck to get out of my warm clothes, and when I looked down to check my rod--it was gone! A fish had pulled it into the water. I had another rod rigged and started casting in hope of snagging it. It was dead calm, and I saw it on the bottom. I hooked the rod, pulled it in and there was a fish on the line—and I landed a 6-pound triploid!