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Reports > 2022 > November > Friday 18
Friday, November 18, 2022
By Dave Graybill
With snow in the forecast in my area in the coming week, I guess I have to face the fact that I am going to be fishing from shore for a while. Not a problem. There are several very good places to go to catch big trout in the winter in this region. I just made a trip to Rufus Woods Reservoir and fished at Brandts Landing. I will be making more trips there in the next few months. I have had good success there in the past. Another destination that has produced good results for me over the winter months is the shoreline at Spring Canyon Park, just above Grand Coulee Dam. I set up on the sandy beach near the swimming area and cast bait from the shore. I am never surprised when I get an 18- to 20-inch rainbow. The same is true when I fish at Keller. There is a nice spot at the end of the park below the marina that has been very consistent. Also high on my list is the Colville Net Pens site. I catch my biggest trout here in the winter. When I am going to make one of these trips there are a couple of things that I will take along, aside from warm winter clothing and bait. Those extending rod holders with a fork on the top are one of them. A stringer is handy, too. One of the things I just started doing is to take a small cooler for my Power Bait, marshmallows, and shrimp. I put some handwarmers in it and keeps my bait from freezing.