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Reports > 2022 > November > Tuesday 22
Tuesday, November 22, 2022
By Eric Granstrom
Tuesday, Nov. 22nd For, I'm Eric Granstrom. The boat is tucked away for winter, so I've joined the ranks of the bank fishermen out there. I got up early Sunday morning and headed north to fish rainbow from the bank on Lake Roosevelt. Driving through Waterville, my truck's dashboard thermometer read 8-degrees. I wasn't quite sure if I'd hit a time vortex coming up Pine Canyon on US-2 and jumped ahead to January rather than it being November 20th. The fog was blowing off Banks Lake as I passed over the lower end at Coulee City and it froze to the pavement as it passed, creating unbelievably slick conditions. I arrived at my parking spot at about 7:45 and had a line in the water by 8. I had the stretch of beach near a net pen all to myself for over an hour, catching a nice, fat, 18-inch rainbow the first 30-minutes. I had two in the box by 9:15 and felt confident I'd have my limit fairly quickly. The bite slowed and I ended the day with four in 8-hours of fishing. Sparkle Sherbet PowerBait was preferred. Bring wood for a fire! Until next time, Good Fishing!