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Reports > 2022 > November > Wednesday 16
Wednesday, November 16, 2022
By Dave Graybill
I put a lot of triploid rainbow trout through my smoker last week and pretty much exhausted my supply. Everyone knows that if you have smoked fish it doesn't last long. So, when my buddy James Lebow suggested we run up to Rufus Woods and fish at Brandts Landing I was raring to go. Along with us was Michael Erickson, who fishes here often and has had good luck. His best fish at Brandts was a 12 ½ pounder. Michael showed how it was done. Had had a fish on the stringer in the first half hour we were there. Fishing was slow, though. The water level was the lowest I had ever seen, and there was no current at all. We did get a few more fish, a total of four ate the Power Bait we were offering, but we spent most of our time standing around the fire and visiting with Dave, the fish checker for the Colville Tribe. If you fish from the shore between Chief Joseph Dam and Brandts Landing you have probably met him. He said the fishing had actually picked the last week or so. Next time we will fish from shore it will be near the net pens.