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Reports > 2022 > November > Friday 25
Friday, November 25, 2022
By Dave Graybill
On my trip to the Moses Lake area, I had another spot where I wanted to spend some time fishing from the shore. This was Medicare Beach on Potholes Reservoir. This has been a place where anglers have fished Potholes in the winter for decades. The rainbow that inhabit Potholes cruise within casting distance of the shore and you can usually find people here in the winter, unless the water freezes. The most popular technique isn’t complicated. A slip sinker rig with a leader to a hook baited with Power Bait is what you will see most people using. I also use my marshmallow and shrimp bait here. It was sunny when I arrived, with the occasional cloud bank drifting over the sun. I could hear shotguns blasting away in the blinds across the reservoir. In spite of the bluebird weather, it sounded like they were getting some birds. When I looked toward Moses Lake I saw an amazing sight. The flock of snow geese was so large that I thought I was looking at a snow lined island. They were making quite a racket, too. Although I didn’t get a bite, I really enjoyed the time I spent at Medicare Beach.