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Reports > 2022 > November > Monday 28
Monday, November 28, 2022
By Dave Graybill
The last time I was at Rocky Ford there was a lot of weeds lining the shore and I didn’t even fish. I figured with the cooler weather they would have cleared out. Since I was heading to Moses Lake, I threw my fly rod and fishing bag in the truck. On my way home I swung into Rocky Ford and walked down from the middle parking lot. There were a number of anglers fishing the creek, but I still went to one of my favorite rocks that is a great casting platform. I had to place my casts between some floating mats of weeds, but to my surprise on my fifth cast I got a nice fish. After releasing the fish, I started casting again, and Wham, I got another even bigger fish on. I brought it to the rock to release it and as I was kneeling on this rock, worn smooth by the thousand anglers that have cast from it over the years, my boot slipped, and I went head first into the creek! Although I was soaked from head to toe I was tempted to keep fishing, but logic prevailed, and I walked back to my truck and headed home.