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Reports > 2017 > December > Wednesday 13
Wednesday, December 13, 2017
By Dave Graybill
I got two good reports of very good fishing in our region. One was for trout at Rufus Woods Reservoir, and the other was for perch at Moses Lake. According to my source, the angler he talked to had gone to Brandts Landing at Rufus Woods, and casting from the shore here had very good luck catching triploid rainbow. Included in his limit catch were fish from 2 or 3 pounds to over 4 pounds. These are great eating fish and terrific for the smoker, too. I want to get up there myself and try casting a bobber and jig for the trout. I know people who have had excellent luck doing this and I have always wanted to try it myself. I wasn’t surprised to hear that the perch fishing was good at Moses Lake. It seems I hear about this every year just before the ice forms on the lake. My friend was fishing from his boat, near the I-90 Bridge, and he said he could watch the people on the shore and they were catching a lot of perch, too. I have fished from the rip rap along the highway here many times over the years and have brought home lots of perch. There are quite a few smaller perch in the catches but there are enough really big ones to make the trip very much worthwhile.