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Reports > 2019 > January > Thursday 17
Thursday, January 17, 2019
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. A couple weeks ago I shared a video from a few years ago of Loren Dunbar catching a nice steelhead in the Okanogan River. Loren is was of the main mucky-mucks with Hevi-Beads and I've had the chance to fishing with him a few times. The steelheading video made me remember the crazy video we captures with a King Loren caught fishing with Shane Magnuson off the mouth of the Klickitat River in the Columbia River Gorge. We were trolling off the downriggers while most of the fleet was hover-fishing inside us. Shane had had good luck with this technique, using Brad's Superbaits. Sure enough, we'd already hooked and landed several Chinook when the rigger went off with another fish. It was Loren's turn in the rotation so he grabbed the rod and the fight was on. This was a surface running fish and boy did it! It ran sideways and then turned towards the boat. Now, this was a 300-foot run and took no time for the fish. Loren was reeling like crazy and Shane moved a downrigger ball just as the salmon slashed past the boat. For those on Facebook, you can see the action. Until next time, Good Fishing!